Details and Policies

In an effort to better serve our Community and our guests we have posted policies, restrictions, applicable laws, frequently asked questions , terms and conditions here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Location Information and Details

While Your Private Tours can take you almost anywhere you would want to go, there are laws governing certain locations and activities which we follow conducting our service

Water Activity Information

In the interest of safety and to make sure we match and exceed your vacation dreams, we have posted information about specific swimming and water related policies

Inclement Weather Information

Hawai`i is affected by several different weather patterns which can be tough to predict, fast moving and also very localized. We have posted policies below so you know what to expect

Your Service Information

These are a few of the less frequent, but still commonly asked questions that you may have when booking Your Private Tours of O`ahu. Feel free to reach out with any questions

General Policies and Information

More Information and Policies that pertain to Your Private Tours of O`ahu.

Must have 72 Hour advanced cancellation notice or full cost will be charged.

Tours will not be canceled or refunded due to normal weather events

Rain, high waves, wind, brown water, flash floods, thunder/lightning, etc. are normal weather events

Company may refund/reschedule only for extreme weather (Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Tsunami)

If a multi-day pass is booked, we will try to re-arrange the activities throughout the days to best accommodate poor weather conditions

Refunds will be given in the manner of payment received

No beach park stops during Sundayʻs or Public Holidays.

Hali`a Tours and Transportation has the right to refuse service for one or more activities without offering a refund due to safety concerns

Other than where specified, lunch and admission to attractions is not included

Hali`a Tours and Transportation is not responsible for any loss or damage to guest property

Please do not bring valuables on our tours

All guests must agree to the Terms and Conditions and Liability Waiver below.

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